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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of projects are on Mary’s List?

We receive all sorts of projects. We’ve had entrepreneurs looking for partners to start a CBD skincare line, an extraction company in Ohio looking for an Ohio-based consultant to help launch the business, businesses in Colorado that need graphic design help, and a dispensary in Boston that needed a campaign manager to launch a grassroots advertising campaign within their community. We see it all. Whatever the project is, we’ll help you find the right person or group for the work.

Does this service cost any money?

It’s free to post and free to subscribe. Mary’s List collects a small referral fee of 10% on projects with a monetary value of $500 USD or higher (see our Terms of Service for details) to help maintain our site. For projects with no monetary value (e.g. helping find a space for an event), we are happy to discuss what that fee would look like, over a phone call or by email.

Who pays the referral fee?

Depending on the project, generally the service provider will pay the 10% commission. However there are some instances where both parties will split the fee at 5% each. Fee split will be arranged after a conversation with everyone involved to come to the best solution! Note, by submitting a project or a proposal, you agree to our Terms of Service, which includes details about payment.

I love your service! Can I make a donation to Mary’s List?

Donations are welcome but not required. We’re a small team with a dream to help people figure out the cannabis industry. Any and all support is definitely appreciated :)

How can I become a referral partner?

We love referral partnerships! Please send an email to with “Referral Partnerships” in the subject line. Make sure to include some background information about you, your company and why you want to partner with us.

How do you vet the freelancers and service providers who respond to projects?

After a project gets sent out through our newsletter, anyone subscribed can respond with a project proposal. These proposals are sent to Mary’s List HQ via email, and we review each one. Sometimes, we get great proposals with lots of details, background info and links to previous work. If things look good, we’ll send that over to the project lead who submitted the project to us. Other times, we get one sentence emails that say the person is interested in a project - that’s it. This is the type of proposal that wouldn’t get sent for consideration. We go through each emailed proposal, go through all the info sent to us, and we send the best proposals to the project lead. That’s how we do things. Make sure to send as much information about why you’re the best fit for the project. It will help the project leads make their decisions much easier.

I haven’t heard back from the project lead about my proposal. What do I do now?

Please send us an email at explaining the situation and what happened after the connection was made. We’ll track down the project lead and help sort out what happened. We’d hate to leave you hanging and in the dark. We want to get you hired!

I have a suggestion or some feedback. How can I send that to Mary’s List?

Send an email to with your feedback. We read every email we receive. We’re always trying to make the site and service better. If something isn’t up to par, we want to hear about it. This company is driven by the community that surrounds it. You are our eyes and ears out there. Help us make Mary’s List the best it can be!