A Freelancer Marketplace for the Cannabis Industry

A Freelancer Marketplace for the Cannabis Industry


What is Mary’s List? Mary’s List is a freelancer marketplace for the cannabis industry that connects businesses of all sizes with freelancers and service providers on a project-to-project basis. 

Mary’s List is lowering the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and freelancers by reducing overhead for cannabis companies looking to hire lawyers, accountants, grow consultants, security consultants, graphic designers, photographers, web designers, technical writers, marketers and other experts needed to help their business grow. 

By creating a community that includes titans of the industry and newcomers on the fringe looking to get involved, we believe we can help facilitate world-wide growth and acceptance of medicinal cannabis.

We’re cannabis entrepreneurs supporting cannabis entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking to hire or get hired, we’ve got it all rolled up for you into one joint.

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2 Replies to “A Freelancer Marketplace for the Cannabis Industry”

  1. Looking forward to your website. I’m so sorry I missed you this past Saturday at the THC show. I was planning on attending and had a last minute emergency come up. Would like to connect with you and your team. I am a marketer and have worked in the CBD industry for the last few months as a contractor. Let’s chat!

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